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About Beacon Mind Body & Soul

A seasoned professional in the world of network marketing, with a fervor for helping individuals achieve their dreams, I'm seeking to empower people like you to lead extraordinary lives.

In my decade of experience, I've witnessed the transformative power of this opportunity, enabling individuals to generate additional income with flexibility and purpose. Whether you aspire to secure your children's education, invest in property, travel the world, increase your rainy day savings or enhance your pension fund, this venture could be the key to unlocking those aspirations.

I am an avid reader and can relate to the thirst for knowledge when starting something new. It is said we get not what we what but we get who we are - so up-levelling in all areas of our life is key to success. My personal development book subscription seeks to help those new to this journey navigate their way through the myriad of books in a structured way with a journal that captures key takeaways and promotes continued learning implementation.


Workshops and Events

Mindset and Goal Setting workshops support both your business and personal journey. Using the goal mapping system we offer 121 coaching or group workshops to give an insight into how the mind works. From this understanding we can coach and mentor on how best to use our natural goal setting abilities to help move us closer to our goals.


Prices upon request.

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