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Welcome to Beacon Mind Body & Soul

Find your inner peace and sense of balance with a fusion of solutions created to enhance your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

What We Offer

Elevate Your Mind

Discover our Brand New Subscription Boxes

Embark on a 12-month self-guided reading journey aimed at helping you attain a higher level of balance in your life. Each person's equilibrium point is distinct and individual, but as a general roadmap, there are six crucial areas where balance can be achieved within and between them.




By subscribing to Elevate Your Mind, you will gain monthly access to a recommended book, aligned with each key life area along with additional items to enhance your reading experience. The books will offer knowledge and insight, allow for self-reflection, inspiration and motivation. The range of practical skills absorbed will enhance aspects of your life by expanding your perspectives and leading to personal transformation.


An accompanying reading journal is for sale in our shop which aligns with this subscription or with your own carefully chosen books.

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Meditating on the Beach

The journey towards inner peace begins with self-care. Book a consultation with Lisa today to start your journey.

“I've been struggling with feeling stuck and having no direction but Lisa's goal mapping techniques have helped me achieve all the goals I set myself within 12 months. I highly recommend her services.”

Gemma F

“Lisa's holistic treatments are amazing! She creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that helps me unwind and recharge. I always leave feeling energised and refreshed.”

Lesley H

“Lisa's aloe vera products have improved my energy levels, provided better choices about products I put on my skin and enabled me to share this with my family. She is knowledgeable and supportive, and I'm grateful for her guidance.”

Ruth D

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